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Dr.FORHAIR scalp and hair treatment centre located in the United States, Korea and China provides hair & scalp treatments and products to combat hair loss, thinning hair and related problems, such as dandruff, dry skin flakes, itching and dry or oily scalp.
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2.7 pcs sold per second
Sales legend selling 3.5 million units
in 1 year of launching
FOLLIGEN SHAMPOO 100ml/300ml/500ml
· Details
Fundamental effect for healthy scalp and anti-hair loss with
“4 ingredients notified by KFDA + 7 natural ingredients’
Daily shampoo for preventing hair loss that has rich
and creamy texture and comfortable fragrance of Moringa loved by everyone
· How to Use
Press the pump 1~2 times and make rich-lather. Apply to wet hair and scalp and gently massage. Rinse off thoroughly.

Goodbye, fine dust!
Deep cleansing to make scalp breathe
· Details
Purifying scalp with Salt from Israel Dead Sea
Soft scalp scrub with non-silicon, non-compound surface active agent and non-stimulation
Avail to use as shampoo with
superior efficiency for excessive sebum, fine dust and impurity of hair
[Clinical trials completed at the Dermatological Science & Clinical Evaluation Services]
· How to Use
Apply to wet scalp. Massage for 3 minutes until the products melt out. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Rinse/Treatment/Hair Pack
3 in 1 Smart Multi-functional item
· Details
Highly concentrated scalp pack without silicon
3 in 1 care for nourishing + calming + restoring damaged hair
Time to use on purposes
Rinse : 2 min. / Treatment: 5 min. / Pack for scalp & hair: 10 min.
· How to Use
After shampooing, take moderate amount and massage scalp and hairs evenly
for 3 minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Volumizer for the crown of the head
· Details
Volume up the crown of the head suffered from UV rays and harmful environment
Different hair volume from what was made with hair dryer, iron, volume mouse, hair spray etc. 10 –drops volumizer for the crown of the head after shampoo
· How to Use
After shampooing and towel-dry, apply about 10 drops evenly to volume-lacking area or the top of the head.

Easy scalp clinic, 1 min. scalp shower for the busy modern
· Details
Portable (anytime and anywhere) and relieving power cooling of the scalp scaling that immediately removes oil and impurities
When having fever due to stress, itching head, difficulty in
concentrating on study, smell top of the head and greasy hair in the afternoon!
Easy and simple scalp scaling with “Clean Stick” with fresh menthol fragrance
· How to Use
After opening it, rub whole scalp lightly and evenly.